What Size Rug Does My Horse Need?

Horses come in all different shapes and sizes.

Love My Horse rugs are based on standard Australian sizing, which measures the rug along the bottom edge of the rug, from the front edge of the rug at the chest fittings to the back edge of the rug. Horse Rugs are sized at 3 inch (75mm) intervals.

To get an approximate sizing, measure in a straight line from the center of the horses chest, around the shoulder, along the side of the barrel and belly and around the rear to the point just past the rump.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.

Winter heavy filling padded rugs are often a tighter fit, when compared to unlined summer rip stop rugs or sheets. This is due to the fact that the padding takes up additional space. If you have an existing rug that fits your horse - its always a good idea to measure your existing rug then buy the same size again.

 Please Note:   LMH Rugs are generous sizing,

and are measured to label size done up on the tightest holes.

Use rug lengths on sizing guide as reference for a great fit for your horse.

 LOVE MY HORSE - Rug Guide
Height of Horse
in Hands
Mini 3'6" 115 - 121 cm
  8 hh 3'9" 120 - 128 cm
8.2 - 9.2 hh 4'0" 128 - 132 cm
9.2 - 10 hh 4'3" 135 - 143 cm
10 - 11 hh 4'6" 145 - 150 cm
11 - 12 hh 4'9" 150 - 158 cm
12 - 13 hh 5'0" 160 - 165 cm
13 - 14 hh 5'3" 166 - 170 cm
14 - 14.2 hh 5'6" 172 - 180 cm
14.2 - 15 hh 5'9" 183 - 188 cm
15 - 15.2 hh 6'0" 188 - 193 cm
15.2 - 16 hh 6'3" 195 - 205 cm
16.0 - 16.2 hh 6'6" 205 - 210 cm
16.2 hh 6'9" 212 - 217 cm
XXL Available 6'9" plus 220 cm plus

New Zealand Sizing:

New Zealand customers please note. The New Zealand sizing system is different to the International or Australian sizing system. To convert from the Australian sizing to New Zealand sizing please subtract 1’3”. Example a 6’3” Australian rug is a 5’0” in New Zealand.

Is My Rug 100% Waterproof?

100% Waterproof – Unfortunately the waterproof ability of a rug is referring to the fabric used for the rug, rather than the whole product. Rugs contain stitching, webbing & fastenings that can often allow a small amount of water penetration. If you live in areas of Australia that have hours of moderate to heavy rainfall you should always be prepared to change a rug for a spare dry one.  

Often in heavy rainfall in warmer areas the horse’s perspiration may build up under the rug, but I have found after a couple of hours the breathability of the rug is so good that the horse will be dry again.
If you are using an unlined waterproof combo or rainsheet in very humid & wet conditions – I would recommend using a light cotton sheet underneath which will allow a layer of air to circulate underneath. This will help reduce the perspiration build up and keep your horse dry.