Hi my name is Kerry-Leigh Gibson

I'd like to share my story...


Living in North QLD with my gorgous Polox horse "Smudge" I learnt how to deal with constant flies, midgies, lovely QLD Itch and tropical humid heat.

I spent alot of money on special potions, expensive fragile rugs, and lots of time managing the biting insects


Relocating to chilly Braidwood NSW with my poor short coated "Smudge" we both had to learn how to cope with a long cold winter.

I wasted lots of money on bad fitting rugs that were way over my budget and knew i had to look outside the box to make "Smudge" more comfortable.

After alot of research I found a supplier that could make "Smudge" the rugs I had always dreamed about, and set to designing him a new dream wardrobe.

I am proud to be able to share these quality designs with you using the highest grade fabrics in the most fashionable and bright colors.

Bright colors and Be Seen Be Safe Reflectors make our horses more visible during the day and night.

As a young teenager I experienced a tragic car accident. Horses from my agistment paddock escaped and a horse was killed as well as the driver of the car on that dark country road. It was a tragic accident that should not have happened.

Although my horse was unhurt i was devastated and always wished there was something i could have done. 

There is something i can do now, and i am passionate about making horses safer at night and have put large reflectors on all my rugs, to make them visible in the dark.

rain hyb pink.jpg

"Smudge" is now 20 years young and has many years of Love My Horse Rugs ahead. He has been a huge inspiration for Love My Horse and Im so grateful for him for my success.

All my horses wear Love My Horses Rugs and I love the fit, the styles and the colors... especially the pink!! Smudge loves pink...

And thats my love story ...

High Quality, affordability and a great fit has put

Love My Horse rugs ahead of the rest.

  I guarantee 100% satisfaction
or Your Money Back Guarantee

Love to chat about your horses needs so please

email lovemyhorserugs@gmail.com or visit me on fb

  Love My Horse or  Kerry Gibson